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Pet Groomer in Clinton, NJ

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Dog Grooming Services in Clinton, NJ

CB Pet Market is your local pet care partner. Our salons in Livingston and Martinsville are staffed with seasoned grooming professionals able to answer your questions and provide you with practical coat care tips. Our team has over 75 years of combined professional grooming experience. They are experts at listening, pampering, and grooming every breed!

Your pet's comfort & safety are our highest priority. Our salon staff is pet first aid and CPR certified!

Every 13th Bath or Groom is FREE When You Join Our Free Rewards Program!

Base Services 

Full-Service Bath: Our full-service spa bath includes a full body massage in your dog's perfect shampoo along with a specialized facial. Includes ear cleaning, nail trim & file, hand-fluff drying, brushing, combing, and your choice of a finishing cologne. Optional: bath add-on services include teeth brushing, gland expression, face/foot trim, and sanitary trim.
Full-Service Groom:
Begins with a Spa Bath and includes ear hair plucking, full body trim, and styling. Your pet will be returned beaming proudly in their bows and bandanas, sure to be showered with compliments!
Hand Stripping:
This specialized service is for our wire breed clients. Dead hair is expertly plucked to enhance their healthy and shiny coat. Includes a Spa Bath in a soothing shampoo to eliminate irritation.
Cat Grooming: Cat grooms include a full service bath, shave down, and nail trim.
Please note: Final price is determined by the size of pet, coat length and condition, time between professional grooming appointments, and your pet's temperament.

Additional Services 

Puppy's First Groom: Getting your puppy comfortable with a lifetime of grooming starts with their first groom. Our experienced groomers willgently introduce your new puppy to the grooming process during this training session. In this express service, your puppy will receive a massaging bath with our premium shampoos, a gentle facial, hand fluff-drying, a brush out, and sanitary trim. Each puppy groom is finished with a certificate and photo to commemorate this special moment!
Careful removal of matted or pelted coat. 
Please Note: Our first priority is the safety and comfort of your pet. When matting is severe, removing mats with clippers (in the hands of an professional groomer) is the only option for your pet's comfort and overall health. If this is the case for your pet, don't fret - hair always grows back! In the meantime, your dog will appreciate the comfort of having mats removed.
De-Shedding: Removal of the undercoat and dead hair.
Creative Grooming:
Add a pop of color with pet safe chalk, airbrush, or dye (temporary or semi-permanent available).\
Flea and Tick:
All natural, kills pests at time of application.
Soak in deskunk solution.

Nail Trims

We always offer nail trim and file services for dogs and cats, no groom required. Please call ahead for an appointment.

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